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Bekal - an investor's paradise

Bekal, a promising world to invest, offers an array of investment opportunities. Bekal, soon be India’s well-planned beach destination, is considered to be one of the hot spots which await development. The, major investment options at Bekal -a ‘Green field’ destination- are in the field of Infrastructure development, Hotels & Resorts, Ayurveda centres, heritage homes, theme parks and tourism allied industries.

One of the main objectives of BRDC is to play the roll of catalyst and facilitate in the developments of resort, backwater development, eco friendly projects, beach tourism and other tourism avenues in Bekal area. BRDC will also facilitate to own, set up, run, and manage of lease Hotels, Restaurants, Parlors, Casinos, Tourist Lodges, Golf Courses, Waterways and Boat clubs, Sports and Recreation Centres, Swimming Pools, Health Clubs, Gardens, Farm and Parks, Amusement and Theme Parks, Common facility centres like Water supply, Sanitation, electricity supply, effluent treatment, Yathri Nivas, Highway Inns.

The increasing number of visitors has demanded the construction of world-class accommodation and also travellers wishes to have a real life experience of the land. An experience of the traditional Kerala lifestyle which is being highly popular across the world offers a profitable venture for investors. At Bekal, there is tremendous opportunity for investors to set up hotels and resorts and that too in theme destinations like beaches, backwaters, hill stations etc. Besides hotels and resorts, the Investment options in accommodation area are the development of airport hotels, eco-lodges, bed and breakfast, guest houses, homestays, camping facilities and promoting heritage homes.

BRDC has acquired land for the development of resorts and hotels of star category. The first phase of it includes land development i.e. leveling of ground, fencing and lighting has been completed and 76 hectares out of the total 137 sq. km verdant landscape is ready to be handed over as six sites – each with its own unique attraction. For the construction of hotels and resorts, initially there will be six resorts of varying sizes extending from 25 to 45 Acres will be constructed. At the resort sites, tourism related infrastructure will be regulated by exacting standards which will check the growing of inferior quality establishments. In these sites, infrastructure of international standards is being developed by BRDC.

Development of Ayurveda centers are the next investment options at Bekal, as Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest medicine system of Kerala. Known as God’s own medicine, Ayurveda is traditional health care system of Kerala followed since ages which has got long standing effects without any side effect. At present there is no major Ayurvedic Health care Centres in Bekal area which offers facilities to the tourists.

There are investment option in the comprehensive basic infrastructures like Water Supply, Roads, Solid waste treatment and management, Lighting, Public amenities and development of tourist attractions at Bekal.

In Bekal, the opportunity for setting up of amusement/theme parks is high. The land along the coastal belt in Pallikkere near the public beach is ideal for the purpose. Planning is going on for the development of the same and it has to be made subject to the CRZ regulations in force from time to time.

To cater the demands of tourist’s new units of small and medium size may be set up for the production of allied supplies. Setting up of such units will help the product to be launched in the market before or simultaneously with the creation of demand. Therefore, setting up of such units like mineral water units, hotel accessoiries, handicraft articles, curios shops, tour-travel operators, floriculture, organic vegetable farms, etc can be considered now.

Investment Subsidy and other incentives are available for the development of Bekal which is subject to the rules. easy availability of loans for setting up the hotel project, possibility of getting concessional rate for water, electricity are some of the highlights at Bekal for the investors. Bekal, being the first planned eco-friendly destination, is a place with rich cultural heritage; a place noted for serene beaches and beautiful backwaters and the land of Forts and Temples.

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