Discover the savor of Malabar

As you travel through this historic land of countless cultural subtlety, Malabar region of Kerala will attract you the most as it the place where a chef's indispensable tastes awaits you. Kerala cuisine and the spices of Kerala, offers a wide repertoire that has variety of ingredients, flavours and cooking techniques. The taste of Malabar is noted for its signature cooking elements that are integral to the land.

Malabar's astonishing diversity in cuisine is its openness to absorb the foreign influences and merging it with native dishes. Influenced by Arabic, Syrian, Dutch, Portuguese and British, the Malabar Cuisine is famous for its exquisite taste and aroma.

The lightly flavoured aromatic Malabar Biriyani is a treat for the taste buds. This spicy biriyani, mainly made of Chicken, is accompanied by date chutney or salads. Cuisines of Kallumakkaya (Mussel) are another speciality of Malabar cuisines. The local people make varieties of dishes with the Mussel and Arikkadukka is one of the main dishes made of Kallummakkaya. The region is also blessed with plenty of Prawns, Shrimp and Crab, so the place is noted for variety of fish dishes.

Extensive use of fish and meat, red chilles and kudampuli (Malabar tamarind) - a souring agent are the speciality of Malabar dishes. Another common feature, not only in Malabar cuisine but all over Kerala cuisine is the lavish use of coconut.

Malabar's Syrian Christians also have their own contribution to the list of Malabar cuisine. The popular ishtew with Appam (rice cakes) are from Syrian Christian tradition. They made ishtew with Chicken and Mutton and with vegetables also. Some of the other traditional dishes to list from Malabar are Poduthol - a vegetarian North Malabar side dish which is a customary dish in weddings and other ceremonies, Fish moliy, pathiri and Parotta.

The region is also famous for its traditional snack items like unnakkaya, halwa, achappam and other lip smacking sweets and delicious savouries. The Suleimani Chai, a refreshment drink, which is getting popular in all over Kerala, is from Malabar.

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