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SMiLE Virtual Tour Guide (VTG) links tourists with places of attraction and providers of facilities to stay and experiential activities. The SMiLE VTG bestows one with information on the culture, tradition, heritage and unique experiences of North Malabar.

In This Website..

The website of SMiLE Virtual Tour Guide offers the features and details of various tourist attractions in North Malabar, Kerala, India along with a 30-second video. It also includes a list of SMiLE (Small and Medium Industries Leveraging Experiential Tourism) units within 30 km from the tourist attractions and provides information on accommodation and experiential activities available at each destination.

The Mobile App of SMiLE VTG offers location based information. With the help of this app you can get more details including a 3-minute movie when you visit any attraction in North Malabar.

Complete Experiences

The SMiLE VTG bestows one with information on the culture, tradition, heritage and natural beauty of North Malabar. Be it a temple, monument or any other attraction, learn more about its history, intricacies and all other peculiarities with SMiLE VTG. Discover our traditional artforms, Ayurveda, handicrafts, delicacies, lifestyle and much more. To enrich your experience, we offer you a 3-minute video as well.

SMiLE Virtual Tour Guide can help make your trip memorable!

Smile with SMiLE

Small and Medium Industries Leveraging Experiential Tourism (SMiLE) is a pioneering project of the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation, Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala, to promote and facilitate tourism based small and medium entrepreneurial ventures. It offers experiential tourism to travellers. SMiLE ventures include budget resorts, homestays, farm tourism, Ayurveda centres, houseboats, handicrafts and souvenir industry, indigenous art/culture centre (Kalari, Yoga, classical dance etc.) and so forth.

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